Encourage You On

We Are EYO

E.Y.O.’s entire concept is to provide growth and development for every individual who fails to acknowledge a sense of belonging or self-worth for either themselves or others. Their mission is to encourage, mentor and provide leadership.

The difference in E.Y.O Life Management service is the quality and that is what will set them apart from the rest. They strive to give their best to be the best. It’s not what they just produce it’s the quality and the excellence that they will bring.

As a child, there were two life skills that owner and operator, Mare Catchpole, was not provided with which prevented her from achieving or having any confidence in accomplishing anything. There was no one to support, believe or to encourage her and soon fell into that category where she felt like she had nothing to offer.

The desire and passion of E.Y.O Life Management Services are to help children, youth and individuals establish life skills so that they can discover that they do have something to offer. To be that inspiring voice that reminds children, youth and individuals that they are special and the world needs them.



ENCOURAGE is not just a word it’s the foundation that has been created to transform and restore the magic in our children, youth and individuals.


Our Mission

To encourage, mentor & provide leadership within a program that is designed & created to accommodate & exhibit each individual or group’s greatest potential.


Support Us

Sponsor an individual in our community by contacting us. Received updates on the individual’s progress throughout the program & a card every anniversary.

Our Values

Our core values are what make us who we are.

  • Everyone deserves to feel worthy
  • Never give up on anything
  • Courage comes from within
  • Only you can make a choice
  • Understanding and patience is the way
  • Remember no one is perfect
  • Acceptance
  • Gratitude is the best attitude
  • Everyone is important
Encourage you on
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Why Choose Us

Encourage You On (E.Y.O.) all started with a conceptual idea that children, youth and individuals were placed in a box by society, their bodies and minds full of magic and potential for great things just hidden inside. E.Y.O. Life Management Services hopes to take the magic out of the box through the ENCOURAGE program designed to provide individuals with a sense of belonging and help build their self-worth. Coachgue is designed for personal coach, mentor, consultant, assistant business.


We Encourage

Do you feel like you were placed in a box by society?


We Impact

Do you feel like you are broken inside?


We Inspire

Does anyone notice you?

Let E.Y.O help take the magic out of the box.