Trust, heart, compassion, loyalty, growth, development, change, inspiration, impact. Taking the magic out of the box. Some people in the box some are in a paper bag and they aren’t even in a box yet. A bag is tossed and wrinkled and ripped and there’s a diamond inside and it hasn’t had an opportunity to get in the box for people to discover it so that people can discover the beauty within and the value a child, youth or individual can bring. Mare has the ability to bring them from the bag to the box so they can reach their greatest potential and the value within them. I want to stand behind that diamond that diamond is worth being invested into. Just because you haven’t seen it shine doesn’t mean it’s not worthy. The youth especially are our future and if we do not invest in them, what will our future look like?

Encouraging out their values and leading by example is more important. Finding the value in children, youth and individuals is how I am able to reproduce leaders.

I believe in my program and I am willing to give up everything for it. I speak to the hearts of children, youth and individuals. I have seen the transformation take place. Transformation is a movement that begins small and with a few, and it only can become mass if it really speaks to the heart of children, youth and individuals, and they feel it and believe in the program.

Leading by example showing love and compassion for one another, and living with integrity, transformation will take place. I encourage children, youth and individuals to overcome obstacles and make a positive difference in our community.

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About Us

Our Philosophy is - Taking the magic out of the box!

E.Y.O uses a catered approach to provide outreach opportunities for at-risk children, youth and individuals. A customized plan is created for each individual that provides structure and assistance. This service uses the ENCOURAGE training process that ensures growth and development.

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